Our Patriots

Patriot Legend:
CS—Civil Service
MATR—Matross (Artillery Soldier)
PS—Patriotic Service
STAFFOF—Staff Officer

Our Patriots
John Buckingham, PVT, PA
Benjamin Coe, Jr., LT, PA
Charles Consolver, PVT, VA
Artemas Day, CAPT, NJ
John Glen, PVT, NC
John Goodwin, PS, NC
Peter Graybill, PS, MD
Richard Hogg, Sr., VA
Thomas Hogg, PVT, VA
Michael Holsinger, PVT, VA
Ichabod Hunt, PVT, MA
Elisha Meredith, Jr., ENS, VA
Thomas Nelson, PS, VA
Abrahim Nice, PVT, PA
Samuel Phipps, PVT, MA
Thomas Ransom, VA
Richard Rapier, CAPT,
Alexander Roane, PS, VA
Louis Robert, PS, LA
Moses Seaver, PVT, MA
Henderson Standin, PS, NC
Henry Stevens, ENS, VA
Joseph Stevens
Benjamin Stiles
Henry Walker, VA
William Whidden, SOL, GA
Archibald Woods, PS, VA

Featured image “An eyewitness sketch of soldiers of the Continental Army by a French Army officer who participated in the Yorktown Campaign in 1781. (Left to right) A private of the Rhode Island Regiment, a private of an unidentified infantry regiment, a rifleman, and an artilleryman,” artist unknown, public domain, unknown photographer, photo courtesy of Wikimedia.org.