Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in attending any of our events!


September 11, 2021—First meeting of the season. Program will be our regular meeting to discuss goals we would like to achieve.

October 9, 2021—Presentation on the natural area called the Dismal Swamp.

November 13, 2021—DAR Service for Veterans.  Veteran Recognition – we will be assembling wreaths to lay on Patriot graves at Abingdon Church. Bring any natural items you feel are appropriate. The wreaths must be of all decomposable materials.
We will also collect toiletries and sundry items to deliver to Veterans at the Walter Reed Convalescent Center in Gloucester.

December 11, 2021—Christmas luncheon for members only.

January 8, 2022—Annual business and planning to complete the Chapter Master Report, present committee reports to update members on committee activity. Planning session for membership efforts, fundraising activities and events.

February 12, 2022—Service to America. Presenter will share her experiences and information about Operation Smile.

February 19, 2022—George Washington’s Birthday Luncheon.

March 12, 2022—American History. The Interim-Chair W3R-VA of The Virginia Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route Association to give a presentation about their organization and the history behind it.

April 9, 2022—Annual field trip, TBD.

May 14, 2022—Colonial Foods.  Presentation about colonial era foods by Winona Pearson.

June 11, 2022—End of year picnic.


Daffodil Festival—Our chapter enjoys participating in the annual Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, VA, early in the spring, where members volunteer to hand out literature and answer any questions people may have about the DAR.

Flag Day, June 14—Celebrate to honor the United States flag and to commemorate the flag’s adoption. On the same day, the United States Army celebrates its birthday.

Constitution Week, September 17 – 23. The 17th is Constitution Day—This is the commemoration of America’s most important document. Constitution Day was signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on August 2, 1956.

*Emphasizes citizen’s responsibilities for protecting and defending the Constitution.
*To inform people that the Constitution is the basis for America’s great heritage and foundation for our way of life.
*To encourage the study of the historical events which led to the framing of the Constitution in September 1787.

DAR Birthday, October 11—DAR’s birthday and National DAR Day of Service.

Yorktown Day, October 19—Members are encouraged to participate in this historic commemoration and wreath-laying ceremony during the Yorktown Day celebration.

Abingdon Episcopal Church Christmas Ornament – $25
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Abingdon Episcopal Church was founded approximately 1650.  The present church was completed in 1755, serving the spiritual needs of Revolutionary patriots and the new United States.  This unique ornament was specially commissioned by the Augustine Warner Chapter and comes in a black velvet lined box.  Proceeds support the work of the Augustine Warner Chapter NSDAR and help preserve Abingdon Episcopal Church.

Photo provided by Della Garrett.

In celebration of Constitution Week, intrepid members Jennifer Matthews and Della Garrett set up a display about the Constitution and its history.

Marker installation ceremony honoring Revolutionary War Patriots at Preston’s Smithfield on the campus of Virginia Tech. Photo by Della Garrett.
Intrepid chapter member Della Garrett by the new marker honoring Revolutionary War Patriots at Preston’s Smithfield on the campus of Virginia Tech.
Photo provided by Della Garrett.
A holly jolly Christmas party at York River Oyster Company!!

Augustine Warner Chapter presents our 2021 Good Citizen’s Award to Alexa Mann.
Congratulations Alexa!

The Augustine Warner Chapter’s design, created by member Wendy Calder, was selected to represent the state of Virginia in the America 250! quilt project by the American Heritage Committee. The Augustine Warner Chapter will be sewing the quilt block with embroidered names of Virginian women patriots. The design is a “Virginia Star,” contemporarily used in the Revolutionary period.
The names are of Virginian women patriots who served their country:
1.     Anna Maria Lane, who was showcased in the March/April 2022 American Spirit magazine.  She was a Virginia Revolutionary soldier who fought battles in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  She was granted a veteran’s pension in 1808.
2.     Martha Custis Washington, wife of George Washington and inaugural first lady.  Martha was a quilter, also sewing socks and supplies.  There are 3 quilts known to have been created by Martha Washington.
3.     Catherine Blaikley, a midwife who delivered 3000 babies, both white and black, in Williamsburg, Virginia during the Colonial period.
4.     Christiana Campbell, who owned a tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia during the Colonial period.  Colonial leaders met in her tavern to discuss American Independence.
5.     Mary Ball Washington, George Washington’s mother, who raised 5 children as a widow.  At her death, she bequeathed a blue and white quilt to George Washington.
6.     Anne Jones, a free black woman who worked as a laundress in Williamsburg, Virginia during the Colonial period.
7.     Jane Vobe, who operated taverns in Williamsburg, Virginia during the Colonial period.  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson met in her tavern. 

Chapter Regent Alison Johnston and member Olivia Tautkus attend the 131st Continental Congress in Washington DC. Both were excited to attend. Olivia Tautkus accepted a certificate for winning Second Place in the American Heritage Art & Sculpture Contest, Category Oils.
Our chapter had a wonderful time of fellowship, connecting with friends and learning about the many programs we can participate in for the upcoming year to joyfully spread patriotism and service to our country.
Chapter Regent Alison Johnston has the new Augustine Warner Chapter pin affixed to her ribbon by District II Treasurer Cheryl DeVine-Holick.